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Instructional Services Staff

Our Mission

The mission of the SDCE Instructional Services Office (ISO) is to provide leadership, management, information expertise, processes and resources that support student learning and success by supporting faculty, staff, and administrators with processes and services related to Class Schedule Development, Curriculum, Catalog, Accreditation, Professional Development, Tenure and Evaluation Review, Sabbatical Leaves, and noncredit advocacy while ensuring compliance with state, federal, and local regulations and policies.

The Instructional Services Office would like to thank faculty and staff for their hard work, creativity and dedication to student success during this difficult time. We also want to assure you that the ISO is here to support you with any instructional related matters.

Meet Your ISO Team

Faculty Support

For immediate assistance regarding FLEX obligation, Professional Advancement Committee inquiries, and overall Instructional Services please email Libbier Bakit (ECC) at

Questions regarding attendance reporting, class scheduling, student permission numbers, and reporting being out ill for a time span greater than a week should be sent to all those listed below for each campus in which your class is offered (the original location for the in-person class session):

Cesar Chavez Campus

  • Diana Romero, Sr. Office Manager
  • Cindy Gutierrez
  • Erick Ruiz-Cadena


  • Ruth Carroll, Sr. Office Manager
  • Karina Dam
  • Diana Ha

Mid-City Campus

  • Karen King, Sr. Office Manager
  • Gabriela Lopez
  • Jean MacDonald
  • Danielle Ninness

North City Campus/CE Mesa/CE Miramar

  • Michelle Sussely-House, Sr. Office Manager
  • Kenia Suarez

West City Campus

  • Cindy Ybarra, Sr. Office Manager
  • Christy Figueroa
  • Reyes Noah Leyva
  • Leslie Romero

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