Student Services Council

The Student Services Council (SSC) reviews matters concerning Student Services and makes recommendations to the Vice President and Executive Governance Council.

SSC is responsible for institutional program review and planning for Student Services, such as reviewing and summarizing documents and utilizing them to develop and guide recommendations involving budget, staffing needs, equipment, technology, facilities and other resources essential to support Student Services and the success of students.

The committee delegates tasks to sub-committees for recommendations and implementation of plans. The committee also serves as a connection to the District Student Services Council for District-wide student services issues.


Responsible for reviewing issues concerning:

  • Associated Student Body
  • Student Attendance Cards
  • Veterans
  • Counseling procedures and communications
  • Professional development for CrisisPrevention Intervention
  • Collaboration with San Diego Unified School District: waivers, processes, High School Diploma Program
  • Career Development Services
  • Data Collection Processes
  • Grants and Special Projects
  • Implementation of the SEA Plan
  • Input on commencement and special activities
  • Any effort or process within the scope of Student Services


  • Vice President, Student Services, Co-Chair
  • Dean, Counseling, Co-Chair
  • Dean, DSPS
  • Dean, Career and College Transition
  • Dean, Student Equity
  • Director, CalWORKs
  • Faculty (4)
  • Counselors (1) one from each campus
  • DSPS Counselor (1)
  • Career Counselor (1)
  • Supervisors (2)
  • Office Manager (1)
  • Classified Professionals (4)
  • Administrative Technician from StudentServices (1)


This committee generally meets the second Thursday of each month.

Standing Sub-committees

  • Career Development
  • High School Diploma Program
  • SARS Workgroup
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • Transitions/Transfer (TBD)

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