Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) Committee advances integrated planning. The committee is responsible for assuring the institution’s planning framework is consistent with accreditation criterion, and guides the institutional assessment, evaluation and coordination of activities leading to institutional effectiveness and improvement.

The PIE committee may establish sub-committees to carry out specific objectives of the committee. These sub-committees will report directly back to the PIE committee. The committee shall serve in an advisory capacity.


  • Support integrated planning and accreditationefforts
  • Support the development and maintenance of the institutional strategic plan
  • Support the ongoing connection between program and department integrated planning activities and institutional integrated planning processes
  • Recommend systematic mechanisms to assess the institution's progress toward meeting its goals
  • Annually review the institution's progress toward its strategic plan and accreditation action plan goals and make recommendations to create or revise existing goals
  • Inform the campus about institutional effectiveness efforts
  • Support District strategic planning efforts


  • Dean, Planning, Research, and InstitutionalEffectiveness, Co-chair
  • Academic Senate Officer, Co-chair
  • Vice President, Instructional Services
  • Vice President, Student Services
  • Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Dean of Deans
  • Faculty (4)
  • Supervisory (1)
  • Classified Professionals (2)
  • Research and Planning Analyst


This committee meets once each month at a regularly scheduled time.

Standing Sub-committees

  • Research Sub-Committee
  • Accreditation Sub-Committee / Accreditation Steering Committee

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