WIOA Title II Committee

The WIOA Title II Committee (formerly known as the 231 Committee) oversees the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) Title II: Adult Education and Literacy Act federal grant awarded to the Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Secondary Education (ASE) programs on a yearly basis. This grant funds coordination of the ABE, ESL, and ASE programs, including placement and orientation of students, hiring and selection of new faculty, faculty staff development activities, assessment and collection of data, instructional activities, and purchasing of instructional materials.


  • Write the application for funds on a yearly basis
  • Plan for and allocate funds to carry out adult education and literacy activities in ESL, ABE, and ASE programs based on program needs assessments
  • Implement required program components, (e.g. competency based system of instruction, placement and orientation, pre- and post assessment, data collection, technology plan, etc)
  • Plan for and facilitate staff development activities for ABE, ESL and ASE faculty and staff
  • Monitor WIOA grant expenditures
  • Supervise collection of assessment data and disseminate regular reports
  • Coordinate activities of instructional support staff, (e.g. instructional assistants)


  • Dean, English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Special Projects Manager
  • Administrative Technician for the grant
  • Faculty (1) from ESL
  • Program Chair from ABE/HS
  • Assistant Program Chairs (4) from EL Civics, CBET, VESL/Technology, Citizenship

Chair is elected by the committee for a two-year term.


This committee meets the third or fourth Thursday or Friday of each month. Once each year in May or June, the committee meets all day to identify goals for the upcoming year.

Standing Sub-Committee

  • ABE/ASE Department meetings
  • Citizenship Committee
  • ESL Course/Program Completion Committee
  • ESL Lab Networking Committee
  • ESL Learner Persistence Committee
  • ESL Textbook Committee
  • VESL/Technology Committee

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