Students Awarded at San Diego County Fair

Congratulations! SDCE student projects in the 2016 San Diego County Fair Student Showcase Exhibit were judged to be of superior quality and have received an award. 

San Diego County Fair:  Have you found your inner genius?

I’ve been involved behind the scenes at the San Diego County Fair for many years. The Fair organizers start planning for each Fair at least a year in advance! So while we just ate our last bite of funnel cake and cinnamon rolls…plans are already under way for June 2017! 

This newsletter highlights some of the students who won awards at the Fair this year…but I’m wondering how many of you know that you could be next year’s blue ribbon winner for strawberry jam or gardening or woodwork or photography or jewelry or yarn or quilting or whats our talent? 

Historically, County Fairs celebrate the agricultural related activities in a community during the year. They’ve evolved to include the rides and the food and the vendors…but still at the heart of every County Fair are the competitions. 

So back to finding your genius! We are each made up of many areas of genius and areas that are in need of development. While I enjoy my work in Adult Education, one of my genius areas is related to fiber (yarns, threads) and collections (otherwise known as ‘hoarding’). I’ve decided that my areas needing development (like exercise) need to take a lesser priority to my genius areas!!! 

Some of you (staff, instructors, students, etc.) may not have thought about your genius (talents) in terms of exhibiting your work via ‘competitions.’ Some of you may walk through the Fair exhibits and wonder ‘is that something I could do?’ Whether  you have tapped your genius or want to discover your genius…there are so many ways to participate, learn, share…and one of the ways is to participate in the SD County Fair. 

Go to and watch the website for the announcements for the 2017 Fair.  Contest rules and applications are usually posted around January.  Plenty of time to start networking or looking for classes (CE is a great place to start)!

Susan Yamate



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