Building on Success through Workforce Expansion at SDCE

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, the 2008 recession seriously impacted SDCE. In addition to a significant decrease in the annual operating budget, SDCE was also forced to implement a hiring freeze. The commitment of all faculty and staff was never more apparent than during that tough time. The level of loyalty to SDCE and to our students was 110%, and very deeply appreciated.

With a recent infusion of state and categorical funding (primarily from dedicated faculty hiring funding through the Adult Education Block Grant, SSSP, and SEP), SDCE will hire 57 new employees within the year and will replace an additional 23 employees for a total of 80 new positions and job openings, most of which will be filled between now and the end of summer. 

Many of you are (or will) serve on screening committees for these positions, which is important work. I thank you in advance for your willingness to serve in such a critical role. As a result of this intensive hiring campaign, by fall semester, the total number of employees in all categories will be restored to pre-2008 levels.  


Classified (includes SPAA)

48 classified employees will be hired this year (39 new and 9 replacements).

In 2008, SDCE employed 127 classified employees, a 30.7% one-year increase. 

In 2016 this number will increase to 142, a 12% increase since 2008.



26 contract faculty will be hired this year (15 new and 11 replacements). 

In 2008, SDCE employed 115 faculty, a 13% one-year increase. 

In 2016, this number will increase to 123, a 7% increase since 2008.



5 administrators will be hired this year (2 new and 3 replacements).

In 2008, SDCE employed 13 administrators, a 13% one-year increase. 

In 2016, this number will be restored at 13 to match the number employed during 2008. 


This is an exciting time for SDCE and I’m looking forward to how these additional human resources will benefit our work.

SDCE's campaign to recruit highly skilled, diverse employees has been very productive this past year. I strongly urge internal employees to investigate these new career opportunities and spread the word amongst those in their professional circles. All positions included in this message have been approved by SDCCD's Board of Trustees. Additional positions will be announced upon ratification. 

Building on success through workforce expansion!



Carlos O. Turner Cortez, PhD


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