SDCE Foundation

by Bill Grimes, President of the SDCE Foundation

The San Diego Continuing Education Foundation has acquired five new directors, a new slate of officers and is developing the following seven ambitious initiatives for the fiscal year of 2015-2016:   

1)      Expanding, standardizing and creating more sustainable student scholarships

2)      Establishing mini-grant programs for all major SDCE programs

3)      Cultivating donors for SDCE Foundation initiatives and endowment

4)      Exploring the development of a SDCE Alumni Association model

5)      Exploring the Building of Business Partnerships and Alliances

6)      Supporting the Maintenance of the ECC Theater (still in development)

7)      Addressing the Branding issue that we all share (still in development)

The first three efforts will be discussed in more detail since our goal is to start their implementation this fiscal year.  

First, expanding the number of scholarships by 25% and making them more sustainable are priority goals of the CE Foundation Board. We hope to engage present faculty, staff and managers as well as retired employees and community supporters to help achieve these goals. The new student scholarships that we develop will enable/encourage students to move: 1)  to the next course or program in their CE progression, 2) to employment by providing tools, uniforms or other requirements needed for employment, or 3) to provide support for moving into SDCCD credit college programs.

Secondly, establishing mini-grant initiatives for all major CE programs is a second major priority of the CE Foundation. A number of years ago, CE did have a mini-grant initiative whereby each major program would compete for the award of a faculty and or staff written mini-grant. The  new  $1,000 grants created by the CE Foundation will be used for one time purchase of equipment, supplies, curriculum materials, software or any number of other items that would support the instructional process and allow for a new innovation to be explored. 

Our third priority is to cultivate donors so that the first two priorities are adequately funded. Last month the CE Foundation approved the development of a car donation program that would allow for a more painless win-win (donate a car get tax deduction) as one of the avenues for contributing to our priority goals. The Foundation is also discussing a sustainable method for funding initiatives, and more information will be provided to SDCE faculty, staff and administrators in the early part of 2016.


Bill Grimes

San Diego Continuing Education Foundation President

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