San Diego Community College Promise Pilot Program

by Cynthia Rico, Acting VP of Student Services

In February of 2016 the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees approved a pilot program that will implement the American’s College Promise for the District. The program's aim is to cover the costs of enrollment fees and textbooks for attendance to San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar College not otherwise covered by state or federal financial aid or scholarships. A total of 200 students will be selected of which 25 of those students will come from San Diego Continuing Education. 

The CE committee has completed the selection process and is happy to announce the following recipients:                        

Name                                                    CE Campus          College

HILDA NAYELY ARREOLA               North City           MIRAMAR

MOISES GALLARDO                         West City             MESA

EMMANUEL BARONGAN                 North City           MESA

MARGARITA LUCIA NOVELO          North City           MESA

MAURICIO ARZOLA                           ECC                     MESA

BIANCA LEON                                     ECC                     CITY

JIE YU                                                   ECC/NC               MESA

MACY SHAW                                       North City           MESA

FIROUZEH KHOOBCHEHR             North City           MIRAMAR

FAUSTO MEDINA                               Mid-City              CITY

ROMELIA TURNER                           ECC                     CITY

LIUDMILA KRIVOZUBOVA              North City           MIRAMAR

LIUTAURAS MARCIULIONIS          North City           MESA

OMID NOOR                                       Mid-City               CITY

OBED MORALES                              CHAVEZ               CITY

DEBORAH DROSOS                       CHAVEZ                CITY

FRANCISCO GUITRON                   ECC                       CITY

WALTER GAREY                               Mid-City               CITY

ARIANNA RUIZ                                  North City           MESA

DIANE TORRES                                 West City             CITY

PORTIA PETERS                                North City           MESA

ERDENE MASHBAT                          CHAVEZ             CITY

FARIMA REZAEIZAHEH                   North City           MESA

ESTEVAN SANCHEZ                         ECC                    CITY

FARZAN KHOOBCHEHR                  North City           MIRAMAR

VALERIIA KRAVCHENKO                  North City           MESA

Please help congratulate these students and wish them the best on their educational endeavors.

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