SDCE Highly Recognized with Coveted Mertes Award from ACCCA

The Past, Present and Future of Noncredit Education in California

San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE) has been highly recognized by the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA) for the research completed and published in The Past, Present and Future of Noncredit Education in California Community Colleges. Special thanks to SDCE’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness, especially to Dean Michelle Fischthal and Jessica Luedtke for their efforts to complete this important work.

ACCCA honors outstanding research efforts with a Mertes Award, which recognizes continued research on substantive issues facing higher education. SDCE’s report reviews the history of noncredit programs in the state, including a snapshot of current programming and services. ACCCA has determined this work to be an important contribution to a better overall understanding of the California community college system and has confirmed that the findings outlined in the report will likely have implications on future policy considerations for the effectiveness of community colleges and higher education in California.

SDCE is an example for community college districts in the state who are looking to build or expand noncredit programming. In addition to the publication and distribution of this report, SDCE will also host the first statewide noncredit conference focused on these topics: “The New World of Noncredit” in October 2017 to further support our colleagues throughout the state in their development and growth in noncredit programming and services.


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