New Equipment at Mid-City Campus

by Cindy Wislofsky, ESL Technology Coordinator 

There is a buzz happening at Mid City Campus this semester! Jargon rarely spoken in past semesters is now commonplace. Words like “podium,” “document camera,” “projector,” “computer,” and “microphone” are now being discussed with enthusiasm. Mid-City Campus now joins the ranks of other SDCE campuses sporting smart podiums in every classroom! 

Some of the comments expressed by faculty regarding the new equipment during their first week of classes include:

“I absolutely love it!”

“I feel like we have entered the 21st century!”

“I never thought I would love technology this much!”

The podium equipment, ceiling projectors, speakers, and teacher administration computers were installed over the summer into 30 classrooms and 2 assessment centers at SDCE’s ‘Campus of Excellence for ESL.’  In addition, the lobby has been outfitted with a large monitor screen to display and rotate through class and campus information or announcements.

To assist in the learning process, two faculty equipment trainings were conducted during Flex days before the fall semester began and an informational sheet with equipment visuals and basic directions has been provided on each podium as a reference. Below is one of the happy beneficiaries of the new equipment.

Mid-City Campus faculty

ESL Instructor Clairemarie Mallory demonstrates use of the document camera, one of the new tools available in all the Mid-City Campus classrooms.

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