DSPS Update

Students enrolled in the High School Diploma/Equivalency program and in Career Technical Education programs are working diligently with DSPS Resource Specialists to achieve their goals. Resource Specialists provide support with reviewing lecture material, breaking down information in textbooks, essay composition, study strategies, and more! Working collaboratively with instructors allows Resource Specialists to work inside the classroom or in small groups outside of class to meet course requirements while tending to each student’s individual learning needs. With the additional support, students are successfully progressing through their courses while Resource Specialists are raising disability awareness and promoting strategies to teach to diverse learners.

Marie Doerner has taught reading, writing and math (for over 20 years) to adult students with disabilities. She is also is a Learning Disability Specialist who focuses on student strengths to help them reach their goals. Marie has a bachelor’s degree Physical Science, a master’s degree in Special Education, and an additional master’s degree in Educational Technology. She serves on the boards of WE LEARN and the San Diego Council on Literacy.


Krystle Taylor has been working in the Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) Department since 2013. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling with specializations in psychiatric and cognitive disabilities.  She is currently a classroom instructor and resource support specialist for DSPS. She has a specialist (Ed.S.) in School Psychology and a master’s degree in Counseling both from SDSU, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from UALR.


Greg Cusick has worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor since 1992. He has taught at the high school, community college and university levels. He has a Master of Science Degree from San Diego State University, and was a doctoral student at the University of Northern Colorado.




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