Culinary Arts

San Diego,  a major  tourist destination, is a leader in California’s hospitality industry. CE has a vital Culinary Arts Program at West City Campus (CE’s Campus of Excellence for Hospitality and Consumer Sciences) that meets the high demand for employees in the culinary sector by offering both day and evening classes. The current program will become the new Culinary Arts and Sciences program as a new two semester program beginning spring 2016. The new curriculum will be more in-depth, and will introduce new concepts to the current program. Available summer 2016, is the new Advanced Culinary Arts Program. This two-course program will focus on culinary business, sustainable foods and cooking techniques such as molecular gastronomy. Career Technical Enhancement funds (CTE funds) were used to develop the Advanced Culinary Arts Program, as well as provide necessary tools and equipment. Our Hospitality and Consumer Sciences department is very excited about the upcoming programs!

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