Classified Senate President Neill Kovrig Awarded for Outstanding Service


Mary LeDuc and Neill Kovrig

The California Community Colleges Classified Senate created a special award to recognize outstanding presidential leadership and service. Neill Kovrig, SDCE’s Classified Senate President, received the Classified Senate President Service Award in June during a presentation at the Statewide Classified Leadership Institute in Sacramento.

The award is based on:

1)      A successful classified senate president is one who earns the confidence and respect of their classified colleagues and the college community;

2)      One who leads by example and recognizes the leadership and talent in others;

3)      One whose persistent vision of excellence helps their senate and colleagues sine in the governance process;

4)      and, One who actively promotes involvement by classified staff at the local and state level to further their leadership education and contributions to student success.

SDCE President Carlos O. Turner Cortez, Ph.D.  submitted the following to support Neill as a nominee for the award:

Neill has been the President of the SDCE Classified Senate for more than four years. Before he joined SDCE, he served as President of the Classified Senate of Palomar College. During his time with our institution, Neill has earned a great deal of confidence and respect from his classified colleagues, Academic Senate leaders and the SDCCD community.

Neill has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in collaborating with his peers who serve in the Academic Senate. He leads by example by showing compassion for his colleagues, students, staff and faculty. He actively participates in all shared and participatory governance committees of the organization. He is very creative and talented and full of new ideas. Neill is also a great speaker and motivator who has a great vision for the institution. Since he has been in the position of President, Neill has taken the Classified senate to a new level. He is an advocate for the Classified staff and he actively promotes involvement and recognition of Classified staff at the local and state level, which in turn contributes to the success of our students. Neill is well-recognized and respected by other Classified Senate leaders from different institutions in California.

In conclusion, Neill meets and exceeds the four areas of recognition of service. Thank you for accepting our nomination of Neill Kovrig to be recognized for his outstanding dedication and commitment to the mission and vision of SDCE.


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