AEBG Update June 2018

       Per the Consortium May 3, 2018 public meeting, the Board agreed that over the course of the next month, each member institution would respectively start to populate the annual plan with institutional information in terms of overarching themes of the established strategies, building a foundation for the Annual AEBG Plan (PY 18/19).

       Additionally, the public meeting produced an action item to create an Annual Template that mimics what is in NOVA, the state fiscal reporting system. By May 24, 2018, SDCE created generally agreed upon themes that were successfully moved through participatory governance. After June 13th, per SDUSD end of year scheduling, SDUSD and SDCE will share their respective organizations’ work and utilize the workgroup structures to do further joint planning for the Consortium.

       The SDAERC modified a scope of work contract a consultant to support planning processes to finalize the annual plan, facilitiate workgroup planning, and assist with the state required annual plan process. The Consortium is still determining a process for the role and structure of a SDAERC Lead who works on behalf of the SDAERC with both SDUSD and SDCE. The next meeting will be on Wednesday May 30, 2018 at 8 AM at ECC 8:00 AM.

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