AEBG December Update

The State AEBG Office sent communication on 11/16/16 outlining the new requirement that consortia use data and accountability funding to align with WIOA assessments, measures, student data collection, and performance outcome reporting. Data is to be collected from every student who benefits from instructional or student services funded with AEBG dollars. Outcomes will need to be reported in CASA TOPSPro Enterprise directly or with a Management Information System that is configured to transfer/submit performance data into TOPSPro by 3/2017.


SDAERC representatives, Kate Alder and Rachel Rose, had a preliminary meeting with SDCCD Vice Chancellor Lynn Neault to determine the future actions for SDCE regarding this directive from the state. A project planning meeting with multiple stakeholders from both the District and SDCE will be held on 12/19/16. See the outline of requirements at: Communication from AEBG Office

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