2016 California Legislative Update

2016 California Legislative Update

by Caron Lieber, SDCE Academic Senate Treasurer


December 1, 2016


At last month’s Academic Senate State (ASCCC) Plenary, I attended the Legislative and Advocacy Committee update. Here is a quick overview of some of the key legislation that impact California Community Colleges that passed into law this year. If you would like to learn more about any of this new legislation you can click on the bill to take you to the California legislative website, where you can read the bill.


New Legislation 2016


  1. AB1985 impacts faculty purview in that the system must develop a plan for the acceptance of Advance Placement exams for major preparation and   general education.  If nothing is done we will adopt the UC system.
  2. SB1359 requires colleges to identify in their schedule; courses that only require free digital educational materials also known as open educational resources (OER).
  3. SB906 removes the sunset for priority enrollment for Foster Youth, EOPS and DSPS.
  4. AB1995 requires access to college shower facilities by homeless students
  5. AB801 requires each college designate a homeless and Foster Youth Liaison within financial aid office.
  6. AB1449 Cal Grant entitlement programs are available to adults who may not have graduated from high school.
  7. SB66 requires the Department of Consumer Affairs to make available any licensure information to the CCC system This is important for CTE programs trying to validate student outcomes.
  8. AB1690 ensures specific minimum standards for part-time faculty in collective bargaining.

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