2015-16 Budget

“It’s all good news,” was the repeated message and theme from Chancellor Carroll as she and Executive Vice Chancellor Bonnie Dowd presented the SDCCD 2015-15 Business Report during the Chancellor’s budget forum for SDCE. More than 50 faculty, staff and administrators attended the annual forum at the Educational Cultural Complex. In addition to the good news shared at the Chancellor’s Forum, Continuing Education recently learned that we will receive additional Instructional Equipment and Library Materials (IELM) funding and a significant increase in Student Success Support Program (SSSP) funding in 2015-16.  All programs have submitted proposals for IELM funds, with the proposals to be reviewed by the CE Budget Committee at a meeting on Wednesday, October 21.  Plans are also being developed for the use of the additional SSSP funds, with the plans to be presented to the Academic and Classified senates for review at an upcoming meeting.

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