Nuts and Bolts

Expectations of an Instructor

  1. Demonstrate professional conduct and appearance. Be a role model for students.
  2. Begin class promptly at the prescribed hour.
  3. Teach the assigned time for class. If a class is not held for the assigned time, the attendance sheet must reflect the exact hours of time the class met.
  4. Break time is calculated based on 5 minutes per class hour. Break time(s) may not be saved to the end of class in order to dismiss the class early.
  5. Remain in the classroom during all classroom instructor time.
  6. Class Attendance Verification (CAV), registration forms, and roll cards/roll books are legal documents. If a student signs the attendance sheet, she/he must be in attendance and registered in the class. It is the instructor's responsibility to motivate students to remain for the full class time. All partial attendance must be reported accurately.
  7. Enforce all campus policies, such as: no smoking, no alcohol or drugs on the premises, no food/drink in classrooms, and no children (with the exception of Parent Education) in classrooms.
  8. Demonstrate current knowledge of subject area.
  9. Leave the classroom in an orderly fashion, ready to be used by the instructor who follows you.
  10. Complete and submit Field Trip and Guest Speaker forms (for all off-campus activities and speakers other than the assigned teacher) in advance.
  11. Prepare lesson plans, which utilize a variety of teaching/learning activities (lecture, discussion, small-group work, instructional media, etc.).
  12. Provide materials and lesson plans for substitute instructors.
  13. Provide each student and the office with a current written course syllabus at the beginning of semester.
  14. Provide students with the opportunity to do course and/or instructor evaluations at the conclusion of each course.
  15. Use good class management strategies and inform students of the Code of Conduct and their rights and responsibilities.
  16. Demonstrate Characteristics of an Effective Teacher (per Ann Tolstoy, 1985)
    • Firmness
    • Fairness
    • Flexibility
    • Organization
    • Honesty
    • Humor
    • Professionalism (speech, appearance)
    • Enthusiasm
    • Expertise
    • Humaneness (see each as an individual)

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San Diego Continuing Education's Diversity Pledge

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