Child Development

Program Description

Classes available in three areas including parent/child learning, where adults attend class with children from newborn to age five; effective parenting, which are court-ordered classes; and family communication classes to promote and improve interpersonal relationships between parents and children.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • To give parents and caregivers the tools, resources, knowledge, community, and guided practice to calmly navigate the emotional, physical and financial stressors of raising a child in the 21st century.
  • To examine curriculum that models ethical practices with children, families, colleagues and communities.
  • Students will learn how to communicate with individuals that maybe from different socio, cultural, racial, ethnic, or other background from themselves.
  • To provide parents with the processes necessary to understand child growth and development and examine practices that respect and support inclusion.
  • Develop/enhance interpersonal skills of communication; listening, cooperative co-creation in an age, gender, disability, and racially diverse environment.

Program Dean

Linda Osborn

Program Chair

Laurie Mikolaycik

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