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Fall Flex Days 2009 were a great success, with high attendance reported at all events. More than 400 faculty, administrators and staff attended Convocation Day, as President Beebe welcomed us all back to the new academic year.  Speakers included Chancellor Constance Carroll, along with Rich Grosch, Esther Matthew, Rita Avila and Jim Mahler. VP Brian Ellison and Accreditation Team Leaders Ray Ramirez and Marne Foster brought everyone up to speed on the progress we have made and the tasks that lay ahead.

The afternoon was spent working on Accreditation tasks, as faculty participated in program-based Focus Groups, and an Evening Recap was offered.


On 9/3 the first annual ‘Adjunct Breakfast with the President’ was held, with 130+ faculty attending this informative event.  A concurrent session offered by District Research Staff presented the results of the Student Satisfaction Survey, and on Sept. 4 the results from the Staff Satisfaction Survey were presented.  Program meetings were also held on the morning of Sept. 3.


CE faculty also provided a series of well-attended workshops, including:


·        ERoll Books – Ellen Zelniker &Sandie Linn

·        Windows 7.0 – Joe McGerald

·        Web 2.0 – Mary Prine

·        Outlook Basics – Dea Brite; Cindy Wislofsky & Donna Price

·        CurricuNET- Roma Weaver

·        DSPS Panel- Marie Doerner, Kathy Hornik, Leslie Upton

·        AFT: All You Need to Know- Jim Mahler

·        Policy 3100/Crisis Intervention- John Bromma


Thanks to all who worked very hard to make this a success, including AFT for providing coffee and snacks at all events. 

Mission: San Diego Continuing Education commits to student success and community enrichment by providing accessible, equitable, and innovative quality education and support services to diverse adult learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement, and pathways to college.