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San Diego City Council Unanimously Approves Proclamation for Black History Month in San Diego

Today, the San Diego City Council unanimously passed a motion to approve a proclamation making February 2010 Black History Month in San Diego. The Council presented the proclamation to more than a dozen community members, recognized as “San Diego Black Pioneers” including San Diego Continuing Education Instructor Emma Wilson, and Past President, Dr. Robert Matthews. Presentation of the proclamation was the first agenda item during the Council’s regular meeting held in the Council’s chambers in downtown, San Diego. Council member Tony Young explained the proclamation was created and signed by the City Council in celebration of Black History Month. A group of community members received the proclamation. Council member Young identified the group as local pioneers who have paved the way and built the foundation for national pioneers such as Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Oprah Winfrey, so that progress can be made toward equality for all humankind. The group was also recognized as being individuals who have overcome personal obstacles and boundaries to work toward the achievement of equal rights for everyone. Council member Young used words including work, dedication, passion, as well as pain and suffering to describe the group, and said he was humbled to stand among them. Council member Young read the proclamation aloud. The resolutions included a reminder that African Americans have a profound influence on us today through their rich heritage. “African Americans have truly shaped our nation from major advancements in scientific research to accomplishments in jazz music to today’s Commander in Chief, President Obama,” as stated in the proclamation. The proclamation asks San Diego to host a plethora of musical, cultural, and educational events throughout the month of February where San Diegans can proudly gather to honor and share black history. Dr. Matthews addressed the Council, thanked them for the proclamation and encouraged them to do their part to help ensure that an accurate history of all cultures is taught in our educational institutions. Many supporters gathered specifically for the purpose of hearing and seeing the proclamation, including colleagues, administrators and family members from Continuing Education supported Emma Wilson and Dr. Matthews for their participation in this recognition.

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