Server Essentials

Examples of jobs you may be qualified for after completion of a program:

  • Computer User Support Specialists $16-27/hr.
  • Information Technology Specialist $16-25/hr.

Salary information is based on hourly, monthly, or annual estimates from the State of California Employment Development Department.

270 hours. Complete in 18-36 weeks.
Provides knowledge and skills needed to manage a server operating system; including practical and analytical skills needed to install, configure and ensure the operation of a server. Instruction is in both the Windows and Linux server environments and includes planning and installation of the appropriate operating systems, configuration of server components and computer virtualization platforms.

Topics include managing file systems, server applications, network configurations, and the use of administrative tools and the control panel. Learn command line processing; user accounts and permissions, and basic shell programming.

Students who successfully complete the program can use the skills learned in a variety of industries and jobs including network and computer systems administrator, computer support specialist and computer operator. Also serves as a foundation for additional training in information technology.

Requires completion of two courses:
COMP 641 Linux Essentials
COMP 642 Server Admin Fundamentals

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