Accreditation Timeline

Accreditation Timeline

Year 4 – 2020/2021

April 2021

ACS WASC one-day progress visit*
March 2021
Mid-Cycle Report to ACS WASC*

February 2021

Final comments from District Governance Council*

SDCE Mid-Cycle Report: Board Subcommittee review (February 4, 2021)

SDCE Mid-Cycle Report: Presentation to the Board for review and approval (February 11 or 18, 2021)*

January 2021

Institutional Day (January 28 or 29)*

SDCE Mid-Cycle Report: Final comments from District Governance Council (January 13 or 20)*

SDCE Mid-Cycle Report: Shared with Chancellor’s Cabinet (January 5)

SDCE Mid-Cycle Report to District Instructional Services (January 4)

August 2020

Fall Convocation

Fall 2020

Mid-Cycle Report input and draft through SDCE Shared Governance (October - December)*

2020/21 Action Plan introduced and approved through Shared Governance (October)*

*Subject to change

Year 3 – 2019/2020

Summer 2020

Complete Accreditation Mid-Cycle Report draft

May 2020

2019/20 final Action Plan Update to EGC

February 2020

SDCE President and VC Chair set one-day visit date

Begin writing Accreditation Mid-Cycle Report draft

January 2020

Institutional Day

Mission, Vision, and Values / Governance Handbook approved by EGC

SDCE VPI submits one-day visit confirmation form to ASC WASC

August 2019

Fall Convocation

Year 2 – 2018/2019

January 2019

Institutional Day

October 2018

WASC Letter of Extension to Spring 2024

August 2018

Fall Convocation

Year 1 – 2017/2018

January 2018

Spring Institutional Day

August 2017

Fall Convocation

May 2017

WASC Letter of Accreditation 2017-2013

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