Martha Price

Martha Price

I taught English and ESL and I had never really had any training in I.T. or anything technical. I was checking out all the schools around, from the UC schools and San Diego State. I looked at some of the private schools and a lot of things were way out of my ability to commit to financially or time wise, and then I came across San Diego Continuing Education and I was just amazed at what they were able to offer at no cost.

After my experience with some short classes I decided to join one of the full time certificate programs, the WSSM (Web Server Security and Maintenance) program, and I studied that. I went in not knowing anything about the back end, whether installing operating systems or working with servers or scripting and so on.

My teacher had thirty-plus years of experience and the patience to teach people from square one, to getting ready to use it in the field and I just can’t imagine a more practical education. In fact I learned so much in that Web Server program that I ended up signing up for the IMCP (Interactive Media Certificate Program) last year and I decided that I really wanted to learn how to design websites.

Well, I didn’t know any of the software involved, and I couldn’t believe we learned. I believe it was nineteen or twenty software packages. I loved the fact that it was project based and we were constantly building things toward a portfolio and every project and every assessment we learned was geared toward making what we do for the real world, and I just can’t imagine anything more practical.

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