Fernando Correa

Fernando Correa
My name is Fernando Correa. I work at General Dynamics as a designer. I’ve been there for six months, and I do modeling for different parts of the ship. What I do is work on layers as I used to do in IMCP.

That’s one of the things that helped me a lot to get this job. I understand and break down everything that’s so complex and to assemble it. I’ve been doing that since I finished the course.

I’ve been telling a lot of people to join the program. At least try it for a week, as they told me. You will realize there is more potential inside of everybody else, but they just need to discover that.

The first counselor or first person that I met was Linda. Linda actually saw my potential, and she actually saw what I could offer the course. I actually never believed her because it was my first time there. But after I did it for a week, they know what they are saying, they know about the course, and they know what they offer.

Cassandra was another person who helped me a lot. She always believed in all the projects that I did. She always told me to be in different contests. Eventually I got into like two of them, and still they are talking about it. Every time I go, they still mention it. It’s a great team and a great accomplishment.

Augusto, he is an assistant, but he has a way to teach, to criticize and please listen to him. The way he sees art, I would like to see the way he sees art. Everyone sees it differently, but it just needs to be explored.

Interactive Media Program--IMCP stands for all the new technology for doing pictures, to video, to graphics, and you’d be amazed about this software. There is a lot of software that you can use out there, and it’s too complex to use. But here at Continuing Education, they make everything complex look so easy.

Really the instructors know what they are teaching, and they will give you the tools. From that point, you can go anywhere.

I am glad I joined the IMCP program and been made a part of North City Campus at Continuing Education.

I took six months of IMCP courses, and I wished they lasted longer than six months. Because the experience, you won’t find it anywhere.

They have some brochures of different classes offered and I was just looking at prices, at how much a unit costs because I didn’t have enough money to even support myself. When I looked at the program and saw that it was free, I had to see for myself. I got a surprise when I went to the North City Campus and realized that they weren’t joking.

The instructors do make a difference.

“How much are you paying for classes?”

How much? Nothing, nothing at all. All free.


Mr. Fernando Correa found work as a professional designer in the Hull Engineering department at General Dynamics. Correa completed the Interactive Media Certificate Program (IMCP) through Continuing Education in June 2008. He was one of 50 candidates for his job, and when the opportunity came along, he had both his technical skills and his communication/job search skills ready, thanks to the teachers and career counselors at Continuing Education. “The experience of showing your material in class and getting criticized is priceless,” he says. “That experience makes you stronger, and gives you the ability to answer questions with enough detail to be understood.”

Fernando Correa’s original degree was in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology. However, it was not until he combined his engineering background with digital media arts technology that his career took off. Now, he is doing work he loves and is eager to keep learning.

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