David Jimenez

David Jimenez

My name is David Jimenez.

I went through the auto tech training program. Before that I used to do landscaping for about nine years. It was hard. It was tough.

I started the training after the second attempt. Five years prior to that I had tried, but you know, I didn’t get the motivation from people that I needed.

Then I saw how hard it was. The world is getting tougher and tougher, and I decided it was time to take it seriously. So I went back, I went through the training.

You know, I talked to a counselor; they walked me through the whole program.

I saw that it was interesting; I knew that I was good with working on cars so I started right away, like a week after that, and it was great.

I knew I liked working with cars. I met the teachers. I met my fellow students, and it was really good.

I got a lot of support from the teachers. They listen to you. They make you feel like going every day—going back.

Whenever you have a problem, if it gets tough, like I was telling a friend, even if you are outside of class and you have problems working on a vehicle, or like on an interview in a workplace, you can talk to them. They are always there. They will always be willing to help me out, and you are never alone. They walk you through the whole thing.

I would like to thank my instructor Mr. Tom Tevin, and my counselor, Ms. Bernadette because they didn’t just walk me through graduating as an auto technician.

They taught me how to become a better person, and I can spread that. It doesn’t just stay concealed in the automotive industry. They taught me that if I really put my heart into it, I can accomplish anything that I want in life because I have the skills.

They helped me find that out about myself. So thank you skills center, and thank you America!

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