SDAERC Human Centered Design

As part of the AEBG Strategic Planning process (due in June 2019), the State AEBG/AEP office is providing access to training and planning support for consortiums. A key element of this assistance is the upcoming training in Human Centered Design (HCD) offered through Acumen and a partnership between the State AEBG/AEP Office, the American Institutes for Research, and West Ed. This training is highly recommended by the State to support our AEBG Consortium Strategic Planning process.

The SDAERC has identified a design team of both SDCE and SDUSD participants to participate in this state supported training. It’s comprised of online "courses", or modules, that are self-paced. The SDAERC team will meet to review the modules and work on a relevant Design Challenge. The SDAERC HCD Team will also receive virtual coaching supporting our local in team meetings .

The HCD initiative consists of five (5) phases:

  • Listen to the Informational Webinar click  here
  • Five (5) week class over 9 weeks starting September 11th through November 13th focused on a challenge picked by the HCD team
  • Four (4) week prototype and testing phase
  • Celebration of challenge “winners”
  • Participation in mentoring for our region

The SDAERC HCD Team will pick a Design Challenge, starting with the question of “How might we…?”

More Information about SDAERC's HCD Design Team:

  • What is the purpose of the HCD Design Teams?
    • HCD Team is meant to improve, enhance, or develop an experience that will benefit our Adult Education students
    • HCD is from a process from the perspective of students
    • HCD process is not a traditional “course” (with lectures etc.) but rather an online platform where we will have access to all the materials
    • HCD Team will provide the SDAERC with an opportunity for a joint team made of SDUSD and SDCE representatives to learn about the HCD process and work on a specific Design Challenge to help further the work of the SDAERC
  • What is the benefit of the HDC for the SDAERC?
    • Based on research in organizational psychology, teams that develop shared routines are better equipped
    • Able to leverage the unique talents of members
    • Strengthen our professional relationships
  • What will the SDAERC HCD Team do?
    • Review Kick Off PowerPoint & Webinar call from 8/30
    • Develop a Design Challenge
    • Can be refined as the work of the group process evolves
    • Sign up on the online HCD platform (available 9/11)
    • Become familiar with all the HCD process and modules on the online platform
    • Work on the Design Challenge
    • Note: This is not a linear process, its free flowing and meant to be - There is no pass/fail - Whatever we put in is what we will get out of it! No right or wrong? No pressure!

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