Noncredit Report

The California Community College system is the largest in the nation with 2.1 million students attending 113 colleges. Each of these organizations participated in the California Community College Noncredit Offerings Survey [conducted by San Diego Continuing Education’s (SDCE’s) office of Institutional Effectiveness in partnership with the California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) Educational Services]. The survey served as the foundation for the first-ever compilation of the collective work developing and expanding noncredit in California’s community colleges, with survey results included in a report format.

The equalization of Career Development and College Preparation (CDCP) noncredit program funding has motivated many credit colleges to either begin intensive noncredit program development or expand existing programs. SDCE, as the largest provider of noncredit education in California, has taken the lead on research and sharing best practices and has recently published The Past, Present and Future of Noncredit Education in California survey and report, which reviews the history of noncredit programs in the state, including a snapshot of current programming and services.

SDCE creates context and baseline data in the report, which can be used for subsequent surveys and reports, along with recommendations for the future of noncredit adult education research and practice. This data can also inform state enhancements in support of noncredit program growth as we look toward supporting the mission of the community college, the most underserved population, and advocating for its future in California. Copies of the report were mailed to each participating college and the full report is now available online.

SDCE will host the first statewide noncredit conference on building and expanding programs in community colleges, “The New World of Noncredit” in October, 2017 to further support our colleagues throughout the state in their development and growth in noncredit programming and services. Save-the-date information, as well as requests for proposals, will be distributed early in 2017.

Special thanks to SDCE’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness, especially Dean Michelle Fischthal and Jessica Luedtke for their tireless efforts. We will conduct this survey annually to help track noncredit program development across the state, and to support our sister institutions in this effort.

President Cortez presenting to administrators and faculty.

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