Noncredit Conference 2017

San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE) hosted leaders from all over California at a noncredit conference on October 6 and 7. More than 200 administrators, faculty and staff from 60 community colleges, associations and the state Chancellor’s office attended The New World of Noncredit, co-hosted by IEPI (Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative) to hear best practices on how to build and expand noncredit instruction in the state.

The conference provided not only a venue for the great noncredit work happening in the state to support the success of the most disadvantaged adults in our communities, but to continue our advocacy work on behalf of noncredit. Michelle Fischthal, SDCE’s Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, and I presented “The Past, President and Future of Adult Noncredit Education in California” in the general session and then, along with Jessica Luedtke, SDCE’s Research and Planning analyst, the following breakout session. The focus was on recommendations developed from The California Community College Noncredit Offerings Survey 2017 data, including promoting and increasing distance education courses, developing state funding streams and integrating workforce development to support the educational demands of adults who need alternatives to traditional delivery modes.

Members from the noncredit coalition also spoke to the priority recommendations such as providing a more reliable funding model for noncredit and to legislatively call out noncredit in the release of all statewide initiatives. Additional breakout session presenters from SDCE included: Kelly Henwood, Michele Novak-Madrid, Aaron Iffland,  Matthew Rivaldi, Mary Burns, Pat Mosteller, Esther Matthew, Star Rivera-Lacey, Ph.D., Maureen Rubalcaba, Eric Miller, Richard Gholson, and Edith Quintero.

The Past, Present and Future of Noncredit Education in California noncredit report includes an abbreviated 161-year history of adult education in California, baseline data, survey results and the recommendations for the future of noncredit adult education research and practice to inform state enhancements in support of noncredit program growth. The report is gaining awareness and is used as required reading in UC Berkeley's designated subjects for career technical education and adult education credential programs, plus a newly established Noncredit Coalition met the day prior to the conference in order to prioritize recommendations from the report.

The Noncredit Coalition discusses regulatory, legislative, and budget related issues that impact noncredit organizations in California. Coalition members include senior executive management from SDCE, North Orange County Community College District, Mt. San Antonio College and Peralta Community College District, along with representatives of the Community College League of California and the Association of Community and Continuing Education, and the noncredit lobbying firms.

I echo Chancellor Carroll’s positive, supportive remarks for this work to support noncredit advocacy. It was indeed impressive “to see representatives from the State Chancellor’s Office and CEOs, faculty, and staff from community colleges throughout California.” The conference, the comprehensive report and the state coalition generate incredible energy and passion that come from you as a noncredit educator and from our noncredit practitioners around the state.


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Noncredit Conference 2017

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