Carlos O. Turner Cortez, Ph.D.

San Diego Continuing Education

In 2015, Carlos O. Turner Cortez, Ph.D. was named President of the largest noncredit adult educational institution in the nation. San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE) has served San Diego since 1914 and has an annual enrollment of more than 45,000 students.

President Turner Cortez is a longtime educational leader with a strong commitment to social justice. As an educator with Teach For America he witnessed the injustice inside classrooms and saw first-hand hardships in urban communities. It was during some of these earliest years in his career that he recognized many vital needs lacking in educational process and where he discovered his true passion in leadership—specifically in leading fellow administrators through inspiration and action. He motivates and encourages educational leaders and community partners to work together on innovative approaches and programs that make the future better for students. His hope is to identify a need in urban communities and to take action that results in positive change.

Prior to his current position, President Turner Cortez served as Director of Education Extension at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and as the Acting Vice President of Instruction and Dean of Academic Pathways at Berkeley City College (BCC).His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in History and Sociology from Georgetown University; a Master’s degree in Race and Gender Politics from New York University; and a Doctorate degree in Education Policy and Administration from the University of Southern California.

His leadership now with SDCE has resulted in new programming that reaches opportunity youth in San Diego, a significant increase in hiring new faculty, staff and administrators. He has also co-authored a 2017 award-winning project, The Past, Present and Future of Noncredit Education in California Community Colleges. Substantial research outlined in the report was honored with the Mertes Award, for Excellence in Community College Research by the Association of California Community College Administrators. The findings in the research aim to inform state enhancements in support of noncredit program growth.

Impacting Change

President Turner Cortez serves on a number of boards and meets regularly with influencers and decision-makers in San Diego to impact change in the community.

  • Board, Thrive Public Schools Foundation Board: 2017-Present
  • Board of Directors, The Trevor Project: 2017-Present
  • Board of Managers, Jackie Robinson YMCA, 2017-Present
  • Advisory Board, Teach for America San Diego, 2016-Present
  • Board of Directors, San Diego Workforce Partnership Workforce Development Board, 2016-Present
  • Board of Directors, International Cottages, House of Puerto Rico, 2016-Present
  • California Community College Chancellor’s Office, EEO and Diversity Advisory Committee, 2015-2016
  • CEO Member Group, San Diego/Imperial County Community College Association (SDICCCA), 2015-Present
  • Board of Directors, San Diego Continuing Education Foundation, 2015-Present
  • Board of Directors, San Diego Community College District Auxiliary, 2015-Present
  • Advisory Committee on Legislation, Community College League of California. 2014-Present

President's Speaking Engagements

President Cortez speaking at podium
  • The New World of Noncredit, Building and Expanding Programs in Community Colleges, San Diego, California
  • 2017 International Education Conference, Hawaii
  • Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, San Diego, California
  • Association of California Community College Administrators, Anaheim, California
  • Flip the Script: 53,000 Reasons to Change the Story of San Diego's Opportunity Youth, San Diego, California
  • Building Bridges and Programs: Developing and Sustaining a Culture of Noncredit, Sacramento
  • 2017 ATINER - Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece

President in the News