Request for Research

At San Diego Continuing Education all requests for research, including those to District Institutional Research and Planning, are processed through SDCE's Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness. To request research not already available on the SDCE Institutional Research Reports and Presentations webpage, please complete the Request for Research Form. Be as specific as possible when answering each of the questions. Please submit your completed research request form and any additional supporting information (e.g. draft survey, proposal summary, timeline) to Jessica Luedtke, Dean. You may also schedule a meeting to discuss and refine your request once the request form has been submitted. All requestors of data should review the SDCE Guidelines for Protecting Data Sensitivity (GPDS) Form and the SDCE GPDS FAQs. For special requests for research and sensitive information that is highly disaggregated, such as student contact information, data at the Course Reference Number (CRN) level, student records, and all personally identifiable information, you will also need to sign and submit the SDCE GPDS Form in order to have your request processed.

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