Hospitality Services and Consumer Sciences

Program Description

From Culinary Arts, Sewing, and Fashion, classes offer lifelong education that enhances the quality of home, family, career, and community life. Programs include classes that prepare individuals for employment and advanced study.

Hospitality and Consumer Sciences Program SLOs

Foods/Nutrition/Culinary Arts

  • Students completing a food/nutrition course or program will be able to demonstrate and apply concepts, techniques and related skills through hands-on food preparation, demonstration, nutrition education and group learning tasks to enhance personal and professional development within the hospitality industry.


  • Students completing a fashion production course or program will be able to understand and apply concepts, technologies related skills and techniques by completing class projects.

Program Dean

Dr. Lorie Howell

West City Campus
3249 Fordham St.
San Diego CA 92110-5332
P: 619-221-6973
F: 619-221-6951

Program Chair

Joan McKenna

Mission: San Diego Continuing Education commits to student success and community enrichment by providing accessible, equitable, and innovative quality education and support services to diverse adult learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement, and pathways to college.