Healthcare Careers

Program Description

The Healthcare Careers program includes training courses for:

  • Personal Care Assistant/Caregiver
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant (Rehabilitative)
  • Home Health Aide
  • Food Preparation for Health Care Professionals

Healthcare Careers SLOs

  • A program graduate will be able to apply the knowledge gained from the CNA course to pass the California state written and practical certification examination.
  • A program graduate will be able to efficiently identify a patient change of condition and effectively communicate such changes to the nurse.
  • A program graduate will have the skills to assess patient vital signs and possess a knowledgeable difference between normal and abnormal.

Program Dean & Resident Site Dean Chavez Campus

Robin Carvajal

Cesar Chavez Campus
1960 National Ave.
San Diego CA 92113-2116
P: 619-388-4698
F: 619-388-4662

Program Chair


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