Business, Computers and Information Technology

Program Description

The Business, Computers and Information Technology Program provides classes in a wide range of areas and at all of our campuses. Classes include computer and office skills basics; computer maintenance and repair; a wide range of computer program and application classes; Internet Basics; web site development and more.

The program also currently offers several Certificate Programs including Office Skills, Cisco, Interactive Media, and Web Server Maintenance and Security.

Business, Computers and Information Technology Program SLOs

  • Students completing a BIT software course will be able to demonstrate the use of the software tools to effectively communicate with others in person, with paper documents or online.
  • BIT students will demonstrate the capability to work in teams of other diverse individuals to apply Information Technology solutions to a problem.
  • BIT students will demonstrate the ability to use Information Technology and software tools to support decision processes and critical thinking.
  • BIT students will pursue continued Information Technology education to complete short term goals such as website development, and also continue with long term programs that will keep them current in this rapidly changing field.

Program Dean & Site Dean, North City Campus

Michelle Gray

North City Campus
8401 Aero Dr
San Diego, CA 92123
P: 619-388-1800
F: 858-627-2563

Program Co-Chairs and APCs

Timothy Pawlak

Dave Almos, APC for Project Management,

Tom Smerk, APC for Office Skills Lab BIT,

Jane Newcomb, APC for IMCP BIT,

Don Aragon APC for CISCO;

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