Lee Fountain

Lee Fountain

With a background in cognitive engineering from the University of California, San Diego, Lee Fountain used the Interactive Media Certificate Program, (IMCP) to jumpstart his career as a professional designer.

“I recall my first day in class and also how many students were in the class,” says Fountain of Continuing Education’s IMCP class. “There were so many different people from a variety of backgrounds that it made the class a real joy to attend.” Instruction focused on learning the basics of design, and how to explore a student’s creativity outside of a usual comfort zone. Students were expected to act and think like graphic designers using the latest in computer technology—from storyboarding and rough sketching our concepts, to critiquing classmates’ work. Students were also expected to meet intense deadlines. “The class helped me become a better person in organization and time management. I can't say enough about the valuable insight and creative knowledge I obtained from IMCP,” he said.

After graduating from IMCP in June 2008, Fountain continued training in the creative digital design field. His education included taking classes at City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges where he completed coursework in fundamental design and art to gain a more thorough understanding of the design process.

With the foundation from IMCP, coupled with additional learning experience and volunteer work, Fountain was recently hired by BAE Systems to do flash animation for their Cyber Security Division in Washington DC. Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator will be the main application tools Fountain will use to create animated presentations and tutorials for BAE’s product demonstrations. “So my hard work has finally paid off and I look forward to continued success in this field,” he said.

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